Business Development Services

Our Business Developers Can Handle It All

Business Development (“BD”) has been described as the creation of value for an organization by leveraging relationships, clients, markets, products, and/or services.  From short duration project-oriented assignments to longer-term strategic engagements, BluEdge provides tailored, innovative BD solutions that maximize your ability to identify, assess, capture, and win more work in today's highly competitive Federal Contracting marketplace.

BD services is the foundation of all BluEdge service offerings.  From opportunity identification to "pipeline" management, BluEdge Business Developers can provide you with solutions for:

  • BD Process Development
  • Customer Access Facilitation
  • Market Analyses
  • Opportunity Identification
  • Opportunity Assessments and Pursuit Qualification
  • Pipeline Development and Management
  • Program Performance Assessments

Many business leaders erroneously believe that BD is “sales.”  It’s not quite that simple!  Successful sales—revenue generation—is a contributor to value, but long-term value is not built by sales alone.  The successful development and prosecution of new business is almost always the result of the successful implementation of a comprehensive BD process.   Many BluEdge BD professionals have enjoyed fulsome careers as BD executives at firms that span the range from entrepreneurial start-ups to Fortune 500 financial giants.  They have developed BD processes that are tailored to the unique requirements of their companies (or clients).  They are also accomplished communicators and have established reputations and relationships throughout their industry segments that result in unique access to decisionmakers, customers, and business leaders—all of whom can influence the development of value.

Our cadre of BD veterans are experts at market analyses.  Competitors, partners, teammates, customers, or individuals can “make or break” a successful BD pursuit.   Our BD professionals can assess all of these variables and dynamics, and apply their expertise to help you identify, assess, and qualify new—perhaps even hidden—business opportunities and options.

Just as isolated, individual sales—or wins—alone does not equal the development of value, the absence of a long-term pipeline of qualified, appropriate, and addressable new business opportunities is vital to the creation of value.  Our BD professionals—almost all of whom have current security clearances up to and including Top Secret (with additional accesses)—can provide our clients with an objective health assessment of their existing pipeline of new business opportunities, or help develop a pipeline from scratch.  As a wise man once said, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying!”

Our Business Development staffing and services offerings include all facets of Business Development, from augmenting your business development organization to designing an effective and efficient organization based on your needs and forecasted opportunities. In those cases where there is an existing organization, but needs exceed your current capabilities, we offer on-demand staff that are fully experienced in all aspects of Business Development.


Business Development Meeting with Blue Background

Providing Business Development Value

Don’t fool yourself:  BD does not end with the win party!  Long-term value is developed and maintained by an organization’s BD philosophy and program throughout a program’s initial transition and execution phases.  BluEdge BD professionals are available to conduct objective, third-party Program Performance Assessments for our clients.  This has become a very effective and insightful management tool to keep our client’s executive leadership teams apprised of the programmatic health of their contract portfolios, identifying potential problems before they become real problems!

Let us help you define, refine, and/or facilitate the development of your company’s value!